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Smash City Rage Room In Bloomington

Information Updated: 2-13-2020

Smash City is your premier indoor rage room in Illinois. Whether you need stress relief, anger management, family entertainment, team building, birthday parties, marriage counseling, bachelor parties, girls night out, mom's night out, or you just want to wreck stuff in a safe environment. We have you covered, and you don't have to clean it up.

Take your stress and frustration out or simply catch a rush from smashing, bashing, breaking glass, wooden items, cars and other breakables in our smash room!

The Fee is $35.00 per person for 20-minutes in the room and your fee includes:
Personal Protective Gear, Use Of The Weapons and a BASIC "SMASH PACKAGE".

Age Requirement: 10 years and older.

The BASIC "Smash Package" includes:
1 case of empty beer bottles, 2 liquor bottles, 3 fragile's, 1 coffee mug OR glass, 1 small electronic and 1 misc item.

A $20.00 deposit holds your date and time. The deposit will go towards your final bill; provided that your party arrives on time.  Please arrive 15-minutes early to go over the waiver and to put on your protective gear.  At the time of your appointment, you will be charged for the amount of people you booked for the party.

Walk-ins are welcome at the Urban Warfare location only (10424 E 1400 North Rd Bloomington) for parties of 1-2 people. Wait times may vary. Only available Saturday-Sunday 10am to 5pm. It is highly suggested to book an appointment.

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