Play laser tag in an urban setting!

Want something different to do? Don't like the impact of paintball? Try Urban Warfare's laser tag! It's different from most laser tag outfits. We've modified our paintball guns to give you a real look and feel of combat, but without the impact or mess!

By adapting real paintball markers, laser tag is the new realistic and paintless way to play paintball indoors or outdoors!

Laser tag is a great group bonding activity, a fun way to get off the couch for exercise, and a unique way to release stress from everyday life. But please don't wear your Sunday best! Keep in mind that you're playing laser tag on a paintball field, so you are going to get paint on you as you roll around to avoid that laser. Have no fear as the paint washes out of clothing! No bulky, heavy or awkward equipment is needed to play our laser tag. You really get the freedom to run around like a true soldier!

Laser Tag is a perfect corporate event because it's impact free! Therefore, more will participate, bringing employees closer by excelling in strategic thinking against their opponents!

Talk about a unique bachelor or bachelorette party! Laser tag not only brings out the competitiveness and laughs in people, but it's a great time for everyone involved.

Kid birthday parties are so hard to plan, especially in the winter. There are so few unique indoor alternatives in town. Laser tag is enjoyed by both girls and boys!

It's perfect for a co-ed indoor party.

With the minimum age of 6, all grade school, junior high, high school and college students will enjoy this memorable event!

Do I need a reservation or can I just walk up to play

All activities are by appointment only. A minimum of four participants are needed to start the game, and a maximum of 20 participants will be allowed to play at once.

What should I wear?

Since laser tag is impact free, you do not need to dress in layers. You will want to wear clothing that will not restrict your movement as you will be running and jumping during your games.

Will we get dirty? How old do I need to be?

Laser Tag is played on the same fields that we use for paintball, so there is a good chance you will get paint on your clothing. Do not worry as the paint washes out of your clothing. While laser tag is good for all ages, we recommend being 6 years of age or older due to equipment weight.

Do you have any lockers for valuables?

We do not have lockers at this time. There is a staging area where coats and documents can be left. Valuables should be left in a safe place in your vehicle.

How long are games or the recommended length?

GAME TIME: 10-minutes OR 50 lives, whichever comes first. Most groups play a one-hour session. Allow 90-minutes to play the 60-minute session as you will need time to check-in, sign waivers, cover the rules and equipment. Perfect for all fitness levels!

What is the difference between Paintball and Laser Tag?

Both are great forms of exercise and you'll get an adrenaline rush from each game! Laser Tag is impact free, so you don't need to concern yourself with dressing in layers. Paintball does have impact, so you will want to dress in layers and it is best to have more layers than needed. You can always leave your extra layers in our staging area or in your car.

Can I bring food?

No outside food or drink may be brought into the facility, other than cake and ice cream for birthday parties that have been booked. We do have a snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Do I need ear protection? Do you have ear protection?

Ear protection is not required for laser tag. While we do not have any ear plugs for sale or rental, you are welcome to bring your own for those individuals with sensitive ears.