Regular and Low Impact Paintball-APPOINTMENT ONLY

Field fee: $10

Rental equipment package: $15

(included: marker (gun), mask, hopper, all day air)

Individual rental items:

Mask: $5

Tank: $5

Premium paintballs:

$80 – 1 case (2,000 balls)

$65 – (1,500 balls)

$45 – (1,000 balls)

$25 – (500 balls)

*All paint prices + tax

Air Refills
Compressed Air: $10

We do not fill CO2 tanks

Regular Paintball is for participants 12 years of age and older. Low Impact Paintball is ideal for ages 8 and up.


$20 per person per hour (4-person minimum)

$10 per person per 1/2 hour (8-person minimum)

Your individual fee covers the use of the field, equipment and SIX individual games (hour session).

Each game lasts 10 minutes or 50 lives, whichever comes first.

Allow 90 minutes to complete your laser tag games. This time consists of your party arriving on time, signing waivers (print and sign them in advance to save you time), paying the bill, handing out the equipment, going over the rules and your actual games.

There is a FIFTY-DOLLAR deposit to hold your appointment, and it will go towards your final bill total, provided that your party arrives on time.

Be advised you are playing on a field used for paintball. The paintballs used are water soluble and will wash out.

Laser tag is open to all ages, but we recommend being over 6 years old.


The Fee is $35.00 per person for 20-minutes in the room and your fee includes:

  • Personal Protective Gear, Use Of The Weapons and a BASIC “SMASH PACKAGE”.

The BASIC “Smash Package” includes:

  • 1 case of empty beer bottles, 2 liquor bottles, 3 fragiles, 1 coffee mug OR glass, 1 small electronic and 1 misc item.

Full payment is due at the time of scheduling your appointment. Please arrive 15-minutes early to go over the waiver and to put on your protective gear.



We would first like to try to find another date and time that works best to reschedule your appointment. If you cancel your appointment one full week (7 days) before your time and date, we will refund your full deposit minus a $5 credit card processing fee. If you cancel between 6-4 days before your time and date, we will refund half of your deposit minus a $5 credit card processing fee. If you cancel 3 days or less prior to your time and date, we will not refund your deposit.


Questions? Call 309.261.2596 or fill out the form below.