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Airsoft is the newest addition to Urban Warfare's offerings and is available by appointment only!


Unlike paintball, airsoft uses bb-like ammo for a more realistic military experience. The guns used are replica-like firearms, but with plastic pellets.


At this time, we offer our scenario/urban field rental only for airsoft play. This field offers a more realistic military attack setting and the dangers of ricochet pellets. Right now, it is a bring-your-own equipment environment. We do not have ammo for sale or equipment for rental. There is no age limit to play since we are not providing equipment, therefore parental discretion must be used.


Open to all ages but proper protection must be worn. We have the right to refuse field use if proper protection equipment is not brought and worn.


  • A minimum of 8 participants is required to reserve the field.
  • $30 per person for all-day play.
  • You must bring your own airsoft equipment and protective gear.